30 June 2021
BEGA – LIMBURG Collection

Soft and Uniform Illumination

Pure and timeless, durable and beautiful, the LIMBURG Collection demonstrates the unsurpassed artistry and skill of BEGA’s glassmakers.

Timeless Design

Luminaires in BEGA’s LIMBURG Collection are characterised by hand-crafted, high-quality glass which demonstrates the unsurpassed artistry and skill of their glassmakers. The dependability, durability, and colour of glass have inspired the creative spirit like no other material. Pure and timeless, durable and beautiful; glass has accompanied us through the ages and decisively enriched our lives.

Hand Crafted Crystal Glass

Over many decades BEGA has mastered the art of melting high-quality glass from various additives. A specialty of their glass factory is three-ply cased opal glass. This unique luminaire glass, in which a wafer-thin layer of opal glass is enclosed between two crystal glass layers, softly and uniformly distributes light, creating a pleasant light output with a high degree of visual comfort.

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Vertically Integrated

BEGA’s development and design work has been driven by their fascination with glass and its countless capabilities. BEGA’s ability to depend on their own glass production when new ideas for interior and exterior luminaires are being designed has continuously proven to be a major advantage. Being able to design and manufacture their luminaire glass according to their own quality standards, and lighting requirements sets BEGA apart from competitors.

20 Year Promise

Part of Light Culture and BEGA’s core philosophies assures you of a lasting investment that will remain timeless in terms of technology, and design, even decades later. It is this commitment to excellence that allows us to guarantee you will be able to obtain any luminaire glass from the BEGA range for 20 years after your original purchase.

12 209

Hand-blown, three-ply opal glass in which a wafer-thin opalescent layer is fused between two layers of crystal glass to softly distribute the light and provide excellent visual comfort. Metal shields with different finishes are subtly embedded in the glass to support and accentuate the luminaire glass.

56 588 The Sphere

Contemporary and equipped with modern lighting technology, this series continues a long tradition. Luminaires with satin matt hand-blown opal glass. This is a highly translucent but opaque glass that distributes the light very uniformly. An effect which is enhanced by the large surface area of the luminaire glass.

50 210

Hand-crafted crystal glass of exceptional thickness is the only visible component of the luminaires in this series. The white interior of the glass looks as if it is embedded in the clear crystal glass and provides a pleasantly soft light with a special shimmering effect.

50 083

Brilliant thick-walled crystal glass characterises the design of these luminaires. Whether as single luminaires or arranged in rows, they illuminate and accentuate many situations in the room. Various finishes, light outputs and dimensions allow the luminaires to be adapted to the respective room and lighting situation.

23 250

The three-ply opal glass distributes the light softly, uniformly and in a neutral colour. The luminaires can be used in both horizontal and vertical operating positions. Luminaires, thanks to their IP 44 protection class, are also ideal for the bathroom.

56 472

Efficient unshielded luminaires in various diameters with cylinders made of hand-blown three-ply opal glass. Solid lighting tools that perform reliably over long operating periods. Perfect proportions and impressive luminaire glass make these luminaires elegant and durable elements of interior design.

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