19 October 2023
Resilient and Sustainable Technology: WTEC


In a rapidly changing world, where sustainability, efficiency, and user experience are paramount, it’s crucial to embrace technology that adapts to meet these demands. Enter the innovative smartengine technology, a game-changer in the realm of smart building applications and lighting efficiency.

Building a Sustainable Future

To combat the ever-evolving needs of the future, smartengine deploys a fine-mesh sensor network that collects real-time data, enabling you to maximise the use of any space. This real-time data collection is at the heart of the smartengine solution, providing a foundation for sustainable and cost-effective building operations.


Efficiency Beyond Comparison

Smart buildings are the way of the future, and smartengine technology is at the forefront. It offers the most energy-efficient lighting system globally, capable of saving up to 34% of building operating costs. This remarkable achievement is made possible through presence-based control of lighting and sensor-based control of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. The precise data on temperature, brightness, and occupancy, collected through smartengine’s sensor technology, opens up a myriad of possibilities for improving efficiency. 


Sustainability through Digitalisation

Modern buildings must meet high energy efficiency standards, but smartengine takes it a step further. A study by RWTH Aachen University indicates that the use of smartengine can optimise energy savings, potentially reaching up to 29% in open-plan offices. Additionally, it positively influences Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification (LEED) points, showcasing its commitment to sustainability.


Optimising Space Utilisation

One of the challenges for many companies is a lack of insight into how their spaces are used. Smartengine’s software solutions offer real-time occupancy visualisation and historical data analysis. This information can help optimise the allocation and utilisation of space, leading to improved workplace productivity and efficiency.


Enhancing User Experience

Smartengine doesn’t stop at optimising space; it also enhances the user experience. Finding meeting rooms or workstations becomes effortless, improving employee performance and motivation. Real-time motion data allows employees to quickly locate and book free workspaces and meeting rooms, reducing search times. Additionally, features like indoor navigation, asset tracking, and people finding further enhance user experience.


Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a buzzword in modern workplaces. Smartengine takes it to the next level with Human Centric smart Lighting (HCsL), incorporating daylight harvesting to reduce energy consumption. HCsL also finds applications in retail by enhancing the presentation of goods.


The Smart Technology Behind It

Smartengine’s foundation is its fine-mesh sensor network, deployed throughout your building. These sensors detect motion, brightness, temperature, air quality, Bluetooth data, and power consumption per fixture. All data is communicated in real-time, providing comprehensive insights into your building’s environment.


Deployment Simplified

Smartengine’s deployment is based on standard network cables, connecting LED lights, smart sensors, and central active components. This approach reduces design complexity and installation costs, providing a communication infrastructure for the entire building. It also integrates seamlessly with Building Management Systems and external components, enhancing the value of your investment.


To further illustrate the real-world impact of smartengine, consider these case studies:

Solihull / 4200 m2

A Gymshark project with over 500 luminaires and 450 smartsensors resulted in enhanced lighting control, Human Centric smart Lighting, and room analysis tools, supporting the company’s rapid growth.

Bad Homburg / 4500 m2

This international school achieved up to 80% energy savings in lighting, aligning with their “accadis goes green!” initiative.

Eschbach / 2320 m2

Improved production conditions, quality control lighting, and substantial cost reductions for lighting power were the outcomes of CEWE’s smartengine installation.

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