22 April 2021
Our Sustainability Goals for 2021

In the last twelve months people, the workplace, and industry have all changed. We have come to understand the importance of nature, with brands and organisations becoming more sensitive when it comes to environmental ethics.

Working towards closing sustainable development gaps has always been at the heart of Light Culture. On Earth Day we wanted to share how our approach to design, manufacturing, and delivering our products, eliminates overproduction and inventories. As well as our promise to continue working towards more sustainable solutions.

We see sustainability as a process that requires continuous learning and improvements. This element of the report aims to remind us that there is always wrought to be done and that we can always do better.

With wasteful production processes and poor quality, the lighting industry has taken its toll on our planet. Our aim is to develop production processes and techniques that help transform the making and selling of luminaires.


We believe that ‘made-to-order’ has great potential to effectively address waste and CO2 emissions, two of the biggest environmental issues of light production. While our approach enables us to minimise the amount of wasted materials, we are also committed to exploring more sustainable alternatives.


Light Culture is committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials including waste paper, cardboard, plastic/glass containers, aluminium, and steel.

Our head office in Somersby has installed rainwater tanks to collect rainwater and reuse it for gardens and bathroom amenities. Separate bins are used in the office for wastepaper, post-it notes, magazines and cardboard, and separate bins for plastic and glass.


In 2020 Light Culture started using biodegradable packaging materials, including shrink wrap, tape, pallet tops and shipping satchels for smaller deliveries. We continue to research and test more sustainable options.

Where practically all incoming cardboard is reused for repackaging and non-recyclable materials including bubble wrap, plastic bags, foam padding, paper wrapping, and polystyrene are reused in our packaging for goods dispatched.

Scrap aluminium generated during the manufacturing of our LED Profiles are placed in our designated scrap aluminium bin, collected and sent to recycle.

Light Culture is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant. The goal is to optimize and make efficient use of recourses and reduce environmental impact each year. Yearly audits gave to be done to review and optimise the company’s packaging and recycling target.


  • We stay true to our quality and made-to-order approach that eliminates inventories and overproduction as sources of waste
  • We actively develop production techniques that reduce production waste.
  • Look into more sustainable shipping options
  • Communicate sustainability agenda more clearly
  • Educate customers of luminaire care to promote longevity


  • Through our unique production approach, we reduce CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional approaches
  • We proactively develop production techniques that help reduce CO2 emission


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At Light Culture we are inspired by sustainable
lighting solutions. We are committed to protecting
the environment and preserving resources.