18 January 2023
Track Spotlights: Full Lighting Flexibility


BEGA’s track spotlights with zoom optics offer flexibility beyond just where and how they are positioned on the rail. Even more flexibility in implementing your unique lighting requirements is provided by the half-beam angle, which may be adjusted from a narrow beam to a very wide beam. It is also feasible to achieve an asymmetrical or flat beam light distribution using additional optical filters. All of it uses a single luminaire with two output levels.


Thanks to their multi-dimensional adjustability, track spotlights offer complete flexibility in light staging. The luminaires of the track system can be positioned as required, accentuating special areas or exhibits. This lighting solution is therefore especially well-suited for situations with a frequently changing interior, such as shops, museums or reception rooms.

The adjustable luminaires can be integrated into three-phase Eurostandard-Plus® track systems. Thanks to their wide and versatile spectrum, they meet all lighting requirements in the room. Thanks to the wide variety of available track spotlights, BEGA offers the right luminaire for every application.


The specific lighting application, the architectural characteristics and the performance spectrum of the luminaires used must all be considered together in the lighting design. Apart from the degree of illuminance, the light distribution is a decisive parameter when selecting suitable luminaires for the targeted implementation of the desired staging.

Choose from a broad and varied selection of light outputs and light distributions to find the ideal spotlights for your requirements. You too can benefit from the light and product quality of our technologies and optical systems.


On-site requirements or precisely defined presentation specifications require a great deal of flexibility, and not only for luminaire placement in tracks. These luminaires are also available with zoom optics so that several half-beam angles can be used to precisely implement the lighting design. The light distribution can be flexibly set by simply adjusting the lens unit and then changing it as required.

Apart from basic illumination, they can also handle detailed presentations with impressive lighting results. Precision in the implementation of nearly all lighting applications and the quick change options for the half-beam angle characterises the particular flexibility of these track spotlights.

BEGA zoom spotlights feature infinite adjustment of the half beam angle between 15º and 50º. The ideal setting for the specific requirements can be conveniently selected and adjusted at any time using the rotating lens unit. Use optical filters as accessories to modify the factory-set light distribution: flat beam, symmetrically diffuse, asymmetrical.


This ready-to-use track spotlight complete with adapter is suitable for 3-phase EUROSTANDARD-PLUS ® track systems.

The surface washers are available with three different half beam angles. Equipped with BEGA Hybrid Optics ®, they feature lens and reflector technology that achieves maximum application efficiency.


The BEGA track spotlights come in a powerful range of ready-to-use illumination devices that can be integrated in 3-phase Eurostandard Plus® track systems.

Choose from a variety of sizes, light outputs and light distributions to exactly match the lighting requirements of a particular space. With its two light distributions, this track spotlight allows you to create highly uniform, large-area illumination.

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