20 April 2023
Harnessing the Power of Natural Light

The Importance of Day Light in Sustainable Lighting Design


Daylighting, or the use of natural light to illuminate interior spaces, is an essential component of sustainable lighting design. Daylighting not only reduces the need for electric lighting during daylight hours, but also provides a host of additional benefits such as improving occupant comfort, enhancing the visual quality of spaces, and promoting overall well-being.

In sustainable lighting design, daylighting is often the first consideration in determining the lighting requirements of a space. Designers consider the orientation of the building, the location of windows and skylights, and the presence of exterior shading devices to maximise the amount of natural light that enters the space. By reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, designers can significantly reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the primary benefits of daylighting is its ability to enhance the visual quality of spaces. Natural light provides a full spectrum of colour, allowing colours to appear more vivid and true to life. This can be particularly important in spaces where colour is a critical component of the design, such as retail environments or art galleries. When choosing the right lighting for these spaces it is thus doubly important to consider colour temperature and CRI.

While daylighting is a critical element of sustainable lighting design, it is not always available or sufficient. Electrical lighting can be used to supplement natural light and create a consistent and controllable light environment. The key to effective electrical lighting is to choose the right products and use them in the right way. When selecting electrical lighting products, it is important to choose those that are energy-efficient, have a long lifespan, and are designed for sustainability. LED lighting is a great option for sustainable lighting design, as it is highly energy-efficient and has a long lifespan. Additionally, LED lighting can be controlled to mimic the natural patterns of daylight, creating a more natural and comfortable environment.

Daylighting can also improve occupant comfort by providing a connection to the natural environment, a key component in biophilic design. Exposure to natural light has been shown to improve mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress. In addition, daylighting can improve the overall health and well-being of occupants by regulating circadian rhythms, which play an important role in regulating sleep and other physiological functions..

Daylighting is a critical component of sustainable lighting design. By maximising the use of natural light, designers can significantly reduce energy consumption, enhance the visual quality of spaces, and promote occupant comfort and well-being. Effective daylighting strategies require careful consideration of building orientation, window and shading device design, and interior lighting controls. As sustainable lighting design continues to evolve, the role of daylighting will undoubtedly remain a critical consideration for designers seeking to create healthy, efficient, and visually appealing interior environments.



Daylight plays a crucial role in promoting the wellbeing of residents in care homes, with studies showing that access to natural light can improve mood, sleep quality, and overall health. However, electric lighting remains an essential component of care home design, supplementing natural light to ensure a consistent and comfortable lighting environment. To achieve this, lighting design in care homes must be carefully considered, with a focus on creating a visual statement that enhances the overall ambiance while meeting the unique needs of the residents.

BEGA: Charitable Aid Society of St. Gallen
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