4 March 2021
AILA NSW and ACT Partnership

Light Culture and BEGA are happy to announce that we have partnered with AILA NSW and ACT. ⁠

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects advocates for the quality of design for public open spaces, stronger communities, and greater environmental stewardship. Light Culture, BEGA, and AILA NSW all share a common understanding of innovation, sustainability, and the high-quality standards of products built to compliment the beauty of the Australian landscape. We feel that this partnership is a perfect opportunity for Light Culture to share the knowledge and ideas we have gained from years in the lighting business, as well as the expansive experience BEGA has had on a global scale with AILA members.

AILA is the growing national advocacy body representing just under 4,000 members throughout Australia and overseas. As a not-for-profit professional association, their role is to serve the mutual interests of their members and the wider professionAILA champions quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities, and greater environmental stewardship.Committed to designing and creating a better Australia, landscape architects shape the world around us. They conceive, reimagine, and transform the outside world from streetscapes to parks and playgrounds, transport solutions to tourism strategies, new suburbs, and even cities. Determined to improve our environment and the health, economic and social fabric of our communities, landscape architects are crucial to planning Australia’s future.

At Light Culture we believe that light is not just part of a space, we believe that light is the space. Lighting, when used effectively can improve the quality of daily life of everyone using outdoor spaces. Along with BEGA we are committed to durable lighting products that enhance Australia’s landscapes and architecture.

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At Light Culture we are inspired by sustainable
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